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Patient input required for a new Cochrane review on magnesium sulfate for treating COPD

Skills / interests: Consumer (public, patient, carer) input

Review Question

A review of the evidence about the effects of magnesium sulfate in people with COPD flare-ups. 


COPD flare-ups are episodes of worsening symptoms in people diagnosed with COPD. They are described as exacerbations in this review. COPD is a long-standing disease of the lungs that causes airway narrowing. Magnesium sulfate is reported to be able to widen the airways to help breathing. Magnesium sulfate can be given as an infusion into the veins or as an inhalation via a device called nebuliser. In some studies, it is shown to be helpful as an add-on to usual care in people with COPD flare-ups. Therefore, we wanted to discover whether using magnesium sulfate was better or worse than other alternatives, such as usual care alone or placebo. Placebo is infusion or inhalation of normal saline (salt water) through a nebuliser.  

Ideal applicant

Any adult with a diagnosis of COPD or you may care for someone (in a personal capacity) with COPD.

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