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Skills / interests: Data extraction, Summary of Findings tables, Dissemination / Knowledge Translation, Data analysis and organisation

I seek committed people to join a research group that is developing a review on COVID and obesity. I need people with skill in screening articles and writing paper. All team members will be authors of the work. Please get in touch if interested (E-mail:

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Hello Débora, I got your invitation to the meeting today. Unfortunately I'm on annual leave and can't join the meeting. Please let me know whether this is a problem or whether I can still help you. I will be back at my computer on Sunday, April 10th. I'm sorry about this. Best wishes, Jutta Scheffczik

Default profile Jutta Scheffczik - 3 months ago

Dear Débora, sorry but I didn't confirm my attendance to the meeting before: I will be present today. See you! Best regards.

Cara Débora, tenho experiência na condução de revisões sistemáticas e meta-análises publicadas em diversas revistas científicas. Recentemente, publicamos uma revisão sobre o assunto e ficaria honrado se pudesse colaborar com este trabalho.