Looking for a librarian to help with a systematic review and meta-analysis

Skills / interests: Methodological peer review, Searching for evidence

We are a team of researchers currently working on a systematic review and meta-analysis on immunotherapies used against melanoma. We have registered the protocol of this study at PROSPERO, and a search strategy for one of the subgroups has already been developed. We would like to have our search strategy, along with the validity and credibility of this study's methodology, peer-reviewed by an experienced librarian and have it modified should there be any flaws. Of course, we will provide authorship(s)/acknowledgment(s) based on the International Committee of Medical Journal Editor's criteria to those willing to participate.

Ideal applicant

Prior experience with systematic reviews' methodology, ability to attend regular virtual meetings, excellent English speaking and writing knowledge, team player, ability to develop search strategies for various search engines/databases, commitment.

Think you've got what it takes to get the job done for Amin?

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