Developmental, Psychosocial & Learning Problems

International Team for Research in Autism (InTRA)

Skills / interests: Copy-editing and proof-reading, PICO annotation, Guideline development, Data extraction, Summary of Findings tables, Dissemination / Knowledge Translation, Translation (linguistic), Qualitative analysis, Other, Advocacy, Training or mentoring, Searching for evidence, Risk of Bias assessment, Statistical analysis, Screening and selecting studies, Using GRADE, Prioritisation of review topics, Data analysis and organisation

Methodological skills / interests: Information Retrieval, Statistics, Comparing Multiple Interventions / network meta-analysis, Qualitative evidence and Implementation, Prospective Meta-Analysis, Rapid Reviews, GRADEing, Patient Reported Outcomes, IPD Meta-Analysis

We need passionate researchers from all corners of the world on board to brainstorm, explore, plan and implement strategies to help autism community. "InTRA" is going to be the most diverse and powerful team of its kind.

Ideal applicant

Anyone who is highly interested in Autism Research.

Think you've got what it takes to get the job done for Neluwa-Liyanage?

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Questions & comments

Hi I work for the NHS in CAMHS and have a special interest in autism re: children. Is this project looking at adults or children. Thanks

Default profile Iffah Salim - 3 weeks ago

Greetings ! Yes, both adults and children. Best Regards

Default profile Neluwa-Liyanage Indika (Task Poster) - 3 weeks ago