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Peer support: have you used peer support or been a peer supporter? If so, we would love your input on a funding proposal

Skills / interests: Consumer (public, patient, carer) input

We are looking for input from people who have used peer support or provided peer support on a funding application that we're developing at the University of Exeter HSDR Evidence Synthesis Centre.

We recently produced an evidence and gap map on the use of peer support in health and social care, which can be found here: https://eppi.ioe.ac.uk/cms/Portals/35/Maps/ExeterNIHR/PeerSupport/. Evidence and gap maps provide an overview of the evidence on a topic, allowing users to identify areas where there is either lots or little evidence. Gaps indicate a need for more research whilst evidence from areas where there is lots of research can support decision-making in the health sector.

We're applying for funding to develop a sustainable method (in terms of time and costs) for regularly updating the map. Part of the method would involve asking users of Cochrane Crowd to screen studies and extract data from them. We'd like to discuss the proposed method and ask for feedback on this. We'd anticipate this task taking around 1 hour, involving reading the proposal and commenting, either on the document, or by having a chat with the research team.

Ideal applicant

People who have used or provided peer support for any kind of health condition

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