Heart & Circulation

Cochrane Vascular needs a Consumer Reviewer to comment on a review that investigates the usefulness of ultrasound scanning after people have procedures to improve symptoms of peripheral arterial disease (revascularisation)

Skills / interests: Consumer (public, patient, carer) input

The obstruction or narrowing of the large arteries of the lower limbs, known as lower extremity atherosclerotic disease or peripheral arterial disease, may require revascularisation procedures, especially when the disease is severe or does not improve with non-surgical interventions. Duplex ultrasound scanning is often performed as part of the postoperative care after these procedures to identify any flow abnormality that could compromise graft patency. We wanted to find out if intensive surveillance programmes with Duplex ultrasound scanning can help avoid minor and major amputations or if it resulted in increased follow-up procedures, especially in people with no symptoms.  If you have personal or carer experience of peripheral arterial disease or revascularisation, your comments would be very helpful. Systematic review methodology expertise is not needed. We will send you the review and a comments checklist if you are interested.  This task will take between two to three hours.  

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