Acute Respiratory Infections
Infectious disease

Reducing antibiotic Use for Upper and Lower Respiratory Tract Infections

Skills: Clinical Input
Presciber Patient Interaction re Need for Antibiotics

A continuing learning and prescribing project for prescribers and patients to recognise what is a viral infection that does not require antibiotics eg Runny nose mild sore throat and some coughing in a healthy twenty year old person versus bacterial infection eg feeling unwell fever aches and pain coughing also and with green sputum in a 70 year old with Chronic obstructive airways disease .
Series of lectures then an audit or diary of one hundred patients antibiotic use by doctor and Reasons patient or career diary of understanding diary of illness then another series of lectures and audit of one hundred patients with feedback re Learning both prescriber patient and care giver .
Project run over two months .
Repeated yearly or on request with adjustment for new circumstances eg Bordetella Pertussis outbreak Economic Circumstances Prescriner Patient and Care giver experiences .
Videos Games eg visuals of Virus Bacteria Atypical's Interactions .

Ideal Applicant

Applicant very good knowledge of infectios illness in primary care good interpersonal skills with prescribers and patients willing to find help in graphics and videos capable and trusted to use grant efficiently and honestly .
Regular Review project Expert Opinion Prescribers Patients and Clinical trial Ethicists and Reviewer's

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Questions & comments

What is the exact role?, I'm a paediatrician, just join Cochrane

Eidhhckazwa3t5v9rik7 Norsarwany Mohamad - 6 months ago

I'll like to know more of what I can do. I am a Pulmonologist and interested in respiratory infections.

Default profile Chibuzo Odigwe - 6 months ago

Is there any authorship provided?

Ltlu3ioislctvc7nculy MEHEDI HASSAN - 5 months ago

Topic : Antibiotic Stewardship in the Covid -19 pandemic .
Invite general practitioners to participate in an audit of say 60 consecutive patients with respiratory tract infections recording their symptoms and signs and their concerns about their illness and their view of their optimal care .
Then the general practitioners decides on the treatment they and their patient is comfortable with .
For Example :
Antibiotics and antibiotic chosen plus dose and duration
Symptomatic treatment
Non Antibiotic Symptomatic treatment
Reason for giving Antibiotic eg Toxic looking High Fever Bulging Ear Drum
Predisposing illness eg Chronic Obstructive Airways Disease
Heavy Smoker
Immunocompromised .
Patients response researched by phone consultation video telephone consultation and data analysed .
In Covid -19 the whole project needs to be adjusted drastically taking into consideration PPE hand sanitiser physical distancing clinics adjusted to handle Covid by virtue of availability of PPE well ventilated rooms outside air clinics with partitions but fresh air circulation rapid PCR turn around .
Then meeting of General Practitioners and Antibiotic Stewardship Specialists including Psychologists in a VideoConferencing Platform with analysis of results eg
Antibiotic prescription rate for Pharyngitis
Ear pain Sinusitis Bronchitis .
Non Specific Respiratory Tract Infection .
Lectures on Safe Consultation Protocols for Antibiotic Prescribing in the Uncertainty of Covid 19 combined with Covid 19
Protocols -
Three months Later a Repeat Cycle of Study and Review .

Default profile Ian Light (Task Poster) - 5 months ago