Hebrew Translations for Article Screening for Cochrane Review

Skills: Translation - Linguistic: from Hebrew to English, Inclusion/Exclusion, Screening
Vasodilators for Primary Raynauds Phenomenon

Need a screening translation to see if the following article fulfills the criteria for inclusion.

Will need full translation if fufills the inclusion criteria.

Criteria as follows


1. Primary Raynaud phenomenon
2. Randomised trials, Parallel and Cross-over studies
3. Trials with a mixture of primary and secondary Raynaud's phenomenon ONLY IF participants with primary Raynaud's phenomenon could be identified and the data could be extracted for this subgroup
4. Non-Calcium Channel Blocker vasodilators
5. Any form (IV, Oral and Topical)
6 Outcome measures

Primary Outcome Measure

Frequency of attacks
Duration of attacks
Severity of symptoms as measured on validated scales such as pain and numbness on Visual Analogue Scales or Likert scales and cold sensitivity on Cold Intolerance Severity Score (CISS).
Quality of life scores as measured by Health Assessment Questionnaires (HAQ), Short Form-36 (SF-36) or QuickDASH Outcome Measure
Adverse events including withdrawals

Secondary outcome Measures

Raynaud Condition Score
Capillaroscopic flow/Skin perfuson measured by doppler ultrasound or Laser Doppler ultrasound


1. Secondary Raynaud phenomenon (Raynauds caused in associated with another condition, eg. Scleroderma)
2. Studies that look at Calcium Channel Blockers
3. Trials with treatments administered only once (single dose trial)
4. Trials of less than 1 week duration

Ideal Applicant

Fluent in Hebrew with some scientific background especially with study design. Previous cochrane experience ideal but no essential.

Not accepting further contributions

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