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Check whether 13 Chinese RCT had a treatment duration of 1 year

Skills: Translation - Linguistic: from Chinese to English, Inclusion/Exclusion
Metformin for people with impaired glucose tolerance or impaired fasting blood glucose

For a Cochrane Review supervised by our Group (Metabolic and Endocrine Disorders) the authors are considering eligibility of Chinese RCTs. The person undertaking/accepting this task should be a native Chinese speaker and be able to access the fulltext of 13 references. The task consists in checking for each trial whether the duration of the treatment (not the follow-up!) was at least 1 year.

Please assess: Did participants in the intervention group receive metformin for at least one year? If yes, the trial is eligible, if no, the trial is not eligible.

Ideal Applicant

The applicant should be able to understand the basic principles of RCTs. She/he should be able to differentiate between intervention duration (treatment duration) and trial duration (follow-up). He/she should be a native Chinese speaker located anywhere in the world.

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